2013.12.04 – “Action Comics” #26, “Code Monkey Save World” #2, and “Batman/Superman” #6


Hey, friends! It’s a huge New Comics Day for me — with “Action Comics” #6 and “Batman/Superman” #6 hitting stores and “Code Monkey Save World” #3 available on Comixology! I’m super proud of all of these books and really hope you’ll check ’em out. Here’s why:

ACTION COMICS #26 features Superman taking on a mysterious invader from below the Earth with the help of childhood friend (and present-day adventuring electrical engineer) Lana Lang. Also introducing a brand new adversary called the Ghost Soldier! Aaron Kuder pencils and inks, and he’s just amazing. Aaron and I are working hand-in-hand on this book every step of the way. I’m writing the scripts plot-first, meaning I send him a detailed, panel-by-panel outline with no dialogue. Then he does layouts and we get on the phone to talk through the whole thing image by image. In the end, I write all the dialogue while looking at the finished art. It’s an intense, intimate, and hugely fun way of working and I like to think it’s helping us tap into something special. Hope you agree!

Check out the preview here. Then ask your local retailer to hold you a copy or buy it digitally at Comixology!

Here’s an excerpt from Aaron Long’s review at Comicosity:

Pak took the reins of the iconic Action Comics with the issue 25 Zero Yeartie-in and gave the young Man of Steel a great voice that we haven’t seen in the Superman books of the New 52. That voice continues in issue 26 as Superman fights an unknown alien creature from the depths that hits his empathy buttons, which Pak explores brilliantly. Pak skillfully introduces a new threat worthy of Superman, introducing intrigue and a lot of plot threads to play with going forward. Pak’s voice for Superman, as both Clark & his super-half, is absolutely fantastic and there was an overwhelming feeling that struck me as I read this comic: I want to read this guy. I *like* this guy.


BATMAN/SUPERMAN #6 continues the Mongul/Toymaster storyline that began last issue, with art by the brilliant Brett Booth. The story involves an alien conquerer using a networked fighting game to tap into the strategic skills and fighting spirit of millions of gamers in order to defeat our heroes. Brett’s doing a spectacular job of capturing the mighty mayhem as well as the underlying humor of the scenario. We’re also doing a crazy horizontal layout thing that you don’t want to miss. Check out the preview, then ask your local retailer to hold you a copy or buy it digitally at Comixology!


Finally, CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD #2 is the second issue of the Kickstarter-funded graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton. A supervillain/monkey team up — and in this issue, we get the Skullcrusher’s secret origin! YOU WANT THIS. Art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Jessica Kholinne, letters by Simon Bowland. Check out the preview and buy it digitally at Comixology!

Russ Burlingame at Comicbook.com calls it “a beautifully-rendered, cleverly-written comic that’s as much fun as anything else you’ll read this year.”

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoy the books!