2020.07.08 – FIREFLY #17 in stores today!

Happy to report that FIREFLY #17 is in comic shops today! Written by yours truly with interior art by Lalit Kumar Sharma, colors by Francisco Segala, letters by Jim Campbell, cover by Marc Aspinall, and editing by Jeanine Schaefer and Gavin Gronenthal. Ask your local shop to hold a copy for you!

Firefly #17 cover - art by Marc Aspinall

Here’s a nice little excerpt from the Fanbase Press review to whet your appetite:

Greg Pak has been a revelation to me on his Firefly run. Personally, there are two aspects of his run that have greatly impressed me. The first is giving Firefly an authentic “Season 2” feel. Each arc has felt like a widening of the ‘Verse, with more details and characters to truly make it all feel like a well-lived-in universe. The second thing which I think that he has truly built up is the sheer reach and force of Blue Sun, which had been alluded to in the past, but Pak truly makes them feel like a real corporation with a lot of influence on the Alliance and therefore in the universe. 

Read the whole review here and check out the lettered preview!