2023.08.01 – CITY BOY #3 in stores today – co-starring Superman!

City Boy #3 cover by Minkyu Jung, colored by Sunny Gho, featuring Superman descending toward City Boy, who's tipping his hat as he disappears into the shadows in the street

If you’re a Superman fan, dontcha dare miss CITY BOY #3, written by yours truly with line art by the great Minkyu Jung, colors by Sunny Gho, letters by Wes Abbott, and edited by Jessica Chen!

This is my first time writing Superman since my ACTION COMICS run ended back in 2016. Absolutely loved it. One of my favorite comic book characters of all time. Hope to get another shot at a run with Clark one of these days.

Check out the lettered preview here and ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you today!

Panel from CITY BOY #4 showing Superman flying towards us with a determined but calm look on his face, saying "There's ALWAYS another way."