2023.08.16 – MARVEL’S VOICES X-MEN #1 with a Pak/Bayliss Jubilee story!

Three panels from Marvel Voices X-Men #1 featuring line art by Daniel Bayliss and colors by Marcelo Costa. Panels show Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike hiding behind a column as androids fire at them, Jubilee making a comic pleading face (to Lady D), and then Jubilee happily plunging into battle with the androids.

Very happy to report that Marvel.com has posted details about the MARVEL’S VOICES X-MEN anthology book that hits comic book shops on August 16.  Here’s the blurb about the story I worked on:

“HOLLYWOOD ENDING” Starring Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike

Written by GREG PAK

Superstar writer Greg Pak, known for modern mutant masterpieces like PHOENIX: ENDSONGSTORM, and MAGNETO: TESTAMENT, returns to the X-Men with newcomer Daniel Bayliss for an unexpected team-up story starring Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike!

Please feel free to ask your local comic shop to order a copy for you today!