Amadeus Cho and “Heroic Age: Prince of Power” #1 get awesome reviews

“Heroic Age: Prince of Power” #1, starring Amadeus Cho, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, and pencilled by Reilly Brown, hit comic book stores last Wednesday and immediately garnered rave reviews. Here are some excerpts:
Comics Alliance:

It’s a great issue, and it’s striking to see how much Cho has grown into a full-fledged hero in his short time as part of the Marvel Universe. In an industry often criticized for only reusing the same characters over and over again, Amadeus Cho is the prime example of how to introduce and develop a brand new character in the right way, and how exciting that can be when it’s done so well.


For fans and new readers alike, this is a fantastic first issue that hits the ground running and never stops. It’s funny, flippant, and runs circles around 95% of the books this week just on sheer character alone.
Seriously. Go get it. It’s far and away my pick of the week.

Collier Comics:

… it’s a fast, breezy read with enough backplot to hook new readers without boring the old hands. It doesn’t require encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe’s current status quo. The writing is fresh and funny, and the art’s appealing. I’ll be pretty happy if other creators take Pak and van Lente’s cue and make their Heroic Age titles as accessible to those of us who aren’t omniscient.

Hero Sandwich:

All the usual brilliant characterization, dialogue, humor, and action we’ve come to expect from Greg Pak and Fren van Lente. The battle against the Griffin is entirely excellent, but there are also some wonderful scenes that are very low-key and quiet — Amadeus’ monologue with the incarcerated and generally displeased Delphyne Gorgon, his snake-haired ex-girlfriend, is nice, and the scene with townspeople from Broxton, Oklahoma running a food drive for the recently wrecked Asgard (the entire realm had taken up residence over Oklahoma until the end of the “Siege” crossover) is both awesome and funny.