Amadeus Cho makes the Eights is running a fun series of articles interviewing Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort about which Marvel characters the Skrulls would most hope to replace, capture, or convert during the upcoming “Secret Invasion” event. Here’s the blurb about Amadeus Cho, deemed the Eight of Hearts in the Skrull’s deck of most desireables:

Until ‘World War Hulk,’ he really hadn’t come to the attention of many people,” Brevoort continued. “Now that he has, though, he’d be a critical asset to neutralize if the Skrulls thought he might tumble to their plans.”
Replacing Cho would give the Skrulls many advantages, the greatest being it would eliminate someone who could devise a way to detect them. Cho is also infamous for finding and exploiting holes in the plans of large organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. In his adventures, Amadeus has come to befriend heroes like Hercules and the Atlantean princess Namora.
Like most teens, Amadeus has a disdain and distrust for authority, like like Iron Man and groups like S.H.I.E.L.D., which is something the Skrulls have certainly noticed. “Amadeus has shown a penchant for wanting to side with the underdog, or with anybody whose situation in some way mirrors his own, or that he feels an empathy with,” Brevoort remarked. “So it’s possible that they could convert him to the Skrull cause without any need for a complex deception.”

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