Newsarama’s Best Shots loves “Incredible Hercules” #114

Corey Henson has written a rave review of “Incredible Hercules” #114 for Newsarama’s Best Shots. An excerpt:

Much like Walt Simonson’s classic run on The Mighty Thor in the 80s, writers Van Lente and Greg Pak are mixing Hercules’s mythological history with his modern day superhero adventures. Hercules and his teenage companion, Amadeus Cho, are fugitives on the run from SHIELD and a small squad of Avengers led by Herc’s relentless brother Ares. Ares has poisoned Hercules with Hydra blood, driving him mad and inducing hallucinations of his life as a Greek god. It’s a terrific way to use the character, as I’ve never really really bought into the stories where Hercules, and similarly Thor, are treated as standard superheroes. The characters are much richer when their mythology is referenced, as they stand out more from the pack of their spandex-wearing colleagues. Besides, a lot of times, the mythological stories are way crazier and more fun to read about than anything seen in most comic books.

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“Incredible Hercules” #114 was written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Khoi Pham and colors by the late Stephane Peru. The book hit comic book stores on February 20.