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A listing of upcoming book releases and events! Dontcha dare miss out!

2006.08.09 – “Incredible Hulk” #97

NoiseToSignal says nice things about “Incredible Hulk” #97

“It’s a legend in the making, and something I suspect writers will draw on for inspiration and material for a long time yet.” digs “Incredible Hulk” #97

“Greg Pak has quickly become one of the better writers at Marvel. … The story is excellent, the dialogue is spot-on and the pacing is wonderfully done.” loves “Incredible Hulk” #97

“What’s big, green and kicking the s— out of the rest of Marvel’s monthly titles? Planet Hulk smashes onward with another spectacular issue… Pak manages to make Hulk more than just a monster with a handful of carefully chosen words and one or two subtle actions.”

“Incredible Hulk” #97, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Aaron Lopresti, hits comic book stores on August 9. Here’s the solicit information, courtesy of

Leading his army of gladiators and refugees, the Hulk smashes his way towards the Steppes — and freedom. But what of the millions still enslaved by the Red King? What of the rebels and slaves dying in the streets and fields? Who is the Sakaarson, and when will he come? The answers threaten to rip the Hulk and his allies apart—and precipitate a shocking transformation that could shake Planet Hulk to the core!

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2006.07.17 – “Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples” in repeat screening at AAIFF in NYC

Greg Pak’s short film “Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples” has a repeat screening in the “Open Your Heart” shorts program at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York City at 8:30 pm on Monday, July 17 at the Quad Cinema. (It also screens on July 14 at 8:30 at the Quad.) Click here for more details.

2006.07.22 – 07.23 – Greg Pak at San Diego Comic Con

“Incredible Hulk” and “X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong” writer Greg Pak will make several appearances at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.
Pak will sign at the Marvel booth at the following times:
Saturday, July 22, 12:00 to 1:00
Sunday, July 23, 3:00 to 4:00
And he will appear on the “Mondo Marvel” panel at the following time:
Sunday, July 23, 11:30 – 12:30
For more information about the convention, visit the official website.

2006.07.19 – “Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook”

The “Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook,” written by Anthony Flamini and Greg Pak, hits comic book stores on July 19. Here’s the solicit, courtesy of

How did the Empire rise to power? What is the origin of the Death’s Head Guard? Who are the Spikes? Learn the answers to these questions, plus many more revelations, in the pages of the PLANET HULK: GLADIATOR GUIDEBOOK – an essential companion to Greg Pak’s top-selling PLANET HULK storyline! Featuring profiles on the Hulk, the Silver Surfer and the Brood, the GLADIATOR GUIDEBOOK presents a detailed look into the planet Sakaar and its many inhabitants!

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2006.07.06 – “Incredible Hulk” #96

Read the first five pages online.
Read the Pakbuzz interview with penciler Aaron Lopresti and view two new pages of preview art!
Read the PULSE interview with penciler Aaron Lopresti and view the preview art!
“Incredible Hulk” #96, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Aaron Lopresti and a cover by Ladronn, goes on sale July 5 (July 6 in the US). Here’s the solicitation copy from

On the run from the Imperial Army after escaping from the Great Arena, the Hulk and his crew of Warbound gladiators take refuge in a small farming village with a dark secret. Learn the horrifying truth about Miek’s past—and discover if our heroes know the difference between justice and revenge! The smashing continues!!!

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2006.06.21 – “Giant-Size Hulk” #1

View the stunning preview art! | Read the PULSE interview with penciler Aaron Lopresti!
“Giant-Size Hulk” #1 hits comic book stores June 21. The book features a “Planet Hulk” story written by greg Pak with pencils by Aaron Lopresti which falls between “Incredible Hulk” #95 and “Incredible Hulk” #96. Here’s the solicitation text from

What is the untold story of the battle between one of the strangest superhero teams in the Marvel Universe and the engine of destruction known as the Incredible Hulk? See ol’ Purple Pants go toe-to-toe with Angel, Ice-Man, Ghost Rider, The Black Widow and Hercules in a story that holds a key to Post-PLANET HULK events! By legendary Hulk scribe Peter David and Juan Santacruz.
PLUS! A PLANET HULK INTERLUDE! Bruce Banner makes his first appearance on Planet Sakaar — and battles the Hulk for his body and soul! What secret is the Hulk hiding? What terrible truth does Banner reveal? And who will triumph in this ultimate showdown? By Greg Pak and Aaron Lopresti.
Also: Re-presenting the outstanding INCREDIBLE HULK: THE END by Peter David and Dale Keown.

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2006.06.09 – “Robot Stories” DVDs and posters given away at 72 Hour Film Shootout Launch Party – NYC

The AAFilmLab is throwing a launch party June 9 in New York City for its 72 Hour Film Shootout — and a few signed DVDs and posters donated by “Robot Stories” director Greg Pak will be given away to lucky attendees! Also, please note that the AAFilmLab is still accepting entries to this year’s shootout until June 8 (that’s a receive-by date) — visit the official website for more information.
Click here for more information about the launch party
Click here for a Pakbuzz interview with AAFilmLab president Matte Chi

2006.06.02 – Greg Pak to appear at Wizard World Philadelphia

“Incredible Hulk” writer Greg Pak will attend the comic book convention Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend. On Friday, June 2, Pak will be on the “X-Men X-Changes” panel at 11 am and the “Mondo Marvel” panel at 2 pm. He’s also slated to sign at the Marvel booth on Friday and Saturday in the early afternoon. For more information about the convention, visit the official website.