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A Marvel Comics miniseries written by Greg Pak with pencils by Leonard Kirk and Rafa Sandoval

During the “Planet Hulk” epic, the Hulk bonded with a group of alien warriors in the slave pits of Sakaar. They became the Warbound, sworn to stand by each other, in life and in death. After fighting alongside the Hulk during “World War Hulk,” the Warbound now find themselves enmeshed in a new adventure right here on planet Earth — joined by one of the Hulk’s greatest loves and facing one of the Hulk’s deadliest enemies.

Newsarama on “Warbound” #1:

[Pak] takes great care to flesh out and solidify the personalities of his players, and the effort shines through…. This may be the most familiar “Incredible Hulk” book on the stands. It stars monsters on the run from oppressive government forces hellbent on destroying them without empathy or understanding. People who enjoyed seeing the Hulk out of place during Planet Hulk, should enjoy seeing the situation flipped, with his Warbound acting in his familiar role.

“Incredible Hulks” doubleshipping epic begins today with #612

Greg Pak’s run on “Incredible Hulk” enters a new era as “Incredible Hulks” #612 hits comic book stores today. The book is the first episode of the “Dark Son” storyline — and begins a new era of bi-weekly shipping for the series. The book’s first tale, written by Pak, explores the Betty/Banner relationship (with plenty of smashing). The book’s second tale, written by Pak and Scott Reed, follows the Hulk’s savage second son, Hiro-Kala, as he grapples with his own cosmic challenges a universe away.
Ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you today!
Check out the advance review from Delusional Honesty.
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2010.01.14 – Greg Pak at “Planet Hulk” movie premiere in NYC

“Planet Hulk” comic book writer Greg Pak will attend the premiere of the animated “Planet Hulk” movie on January 14 in New York City. An excerpt from the official press release:

New York Comic Con (NYCC) and have today announced a bicoastal event to take place on January 14th, 2010 at the Paley Center for Media’s NY and LA branches centered around Marvel Animation’s critically lauded and top-selling Planet Hulk saga that originally debuted to comic book fans in 2006. The event will feature an exclusive first screening of the upcoming animated film of the same name from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Marvel Animated Features as well as an opportunity to meet the talent behind both the popular comic book and the animated film during an evening that will also include limited-edition giveaways and creator signings.
Two of the architects behind the red-hot Fall of The Hulks Marvel Comics event, Jeph Loeb and Greg Pak, will attend the screenings to interact with fans and talk about major upcoming changes to the Hulk Family! For fans in LA, meet the Eisner-winning, Emmy-nominated Jeph Loeb as he reveals what’s in plan for the popular Red Hulk and talks about the shocking twists ahead for Hulk. Meanwhile, in NYC, you can meet author Greg Pak, whose acclaimed work on the Planet Hulk comics inspired the animated feature! And just what’s next for Hulk’s son Skaar? Greg has the answers!

Click here to read the whole thing. interviews Greg Pak about “The List – Hulk” Jim Beard has interviewed writer Greg Pak about his “Dark Reign: The List – Hulk” one shot coming out on October 21. Here’s an excerpt:

Pak’s joined on the one-shot by artist Ben Oliver, himself seemingly gamma-fueled and ready to tackle such an, dare we say it, incredible chapter in Osborn’s days of infamy.
“Ben’s layouts and character renditions have a kind of graceful elegance that provides a brilliant contrast to the savage action that Skaar brings to the book,” notes Pak. “I’m loving everything he’s drawing; it’s a perfect match for a story that’s half battle-of-the-brains and half just wall-to-wall smashing.”

Click here to read the whole thing — and view the amazing preview art from Ben Oliver!

“Planet Skaar Prologue” sells out, goes to second printing!

From the official Marvel press release:

Planet Skaar Prologue Sells Out & Returns With New Printing!
Marvel is pleased to announce that Planet Skaar Prologue has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level) and will return with Planet Skaar Prologue Second Printing Variant! New York Times Best-Selling scribe Greg Pak and fan favorite artist Dan Panosian present the arrival of Hulk’s son, Skaar, to planet Earth! As Skaar smashes his way through some of Marvel’s biggest heroes searching for his father, forces gather to prevent this incredible reunion. But the Hulk isn’t about to let any puny humans stand in the way of finding his son! Planet Skaar Prologue Second Printing Variant features the interior art of Panosian on a new cover!
Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on all Planet Skaar issues as the first chapter sold out immediately! Will Hulk greet Skaar with a Hulk Hug…or a Hulk Smash!? Find out in Planet Skaar Prologue Second Printing Variant! Don’t miss the new chapter of this savage epic in Skaar: Son Of Hulk #11, on-sale this week!
Written by GREG PAK
Penciled by DAN PANOSIAN
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC—6/11/09, On-Sale—7/1/09
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Pak Talks Comics – Super Giant Reader Q&A!

By Greg Pak
Over the next few months, I’m reworking the format of my “Pak Talks Comics” column for The new and improved column should appear towards the end of the summer. But in the meantime, I’ll continue the Reader Q&A portion of the column right here at, so keep those questions coming and read on for answers to the latest batch!
WARNING: Some spoilers ahead for a few recent issues of “Incredible Hercules,” “Skaar,” and “Magneto Testament.”
Hrungr: With the Olympians now on Earth along with the Asgardians, does anyone remember that the Celestials had ordered them to stop interfering with humanity? Or is it a case where humanity has grown to the point that the gods are simply another group of superpowered beings?
Thanks for the question, Hrungr. As you’ll see, Bill has a similar question about the nature of the gods below – I’ll answer them together in a second. Also, since we’re on the subject, “Incredible Hercules” #129 hits comic book stores today — feel free to check out the preview!
Bill Frank: I just want to start out by saying that I am really enjoying your and Van Lente’s run on “Incredible Hercules.” You both seem to have caught the real feel for a mythological character that some writers miss. With that in mind, I was wondering a few things about your run that can be roughly divided into three sets of questions, if you don’t mind:
In universes like Marvel’s there are a myriad of super powerful beings with powers and abilities rivaling if not surpassing gods. Some beings like Eternals have been mistaken for gods in the past and have almost identical power-sets except they are science based instead of magic based. When writing a series like “Incredible Hercules,” what separates gods from other super powered beings? What distinguishes Hercules, an immortal super-strong man from other immortal super-strong men like Gilgamesh or Wonder Man or makes him different from being just some ancient superhero?
I’m not saying this is the case, but it’s within the realm of possibility that all of the powers of Herc and his relatives could be explained via Marvel science; maybe they’re not gods, just immortal superhumans. But for millennia, Herc has been told he’s literally a god and has been worshipped as a god. So a huge part of his story is this struggle with questions of a god’s prerogatives and responsibilities. Characters like Wonder Man and the Hulk and Wolverine, who might be functionally immortal, haven’t had that millennia-long struggle with the question of godhood that Herc has, nor do they come from a family and culture of fellow gods struggling with the same issues. Those are major differences that create different animating themes for these characters.

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