Greg Pak: Jubilee

2023.08.16 – MARVEL’S VOICES X-MEN #1 with a Pak/Bayliss Jubilee story!

Three panels from Marvel Voices X-Men #1 featuring line art by Daniel Bayliss and colors by Marcelo Costa. Panels show Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike hiding behind a column as androids fire at them, Jubilee making a comic pleading face (to Lady D), and then Jubilee happily plunging into battle with the androids.

Very happy to report that has posted details about the MARVEL’S VOICES X-MEN anthology book that hits comic book shops on August 16.  Here’s the blurb about the story I worked on:

“HOLLYWOOD ENDING” Starring Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike

Written by GREG PAK

Superstar writer Greg Pak, known for modern mutant masterpieces like PHOENIX: ENDSONGSTORM, and MAGNETO: TESTAMENT, returns to the X-Men with newcomer Daniel Bayliss for an unexpected team-up story starring Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike!

Please feel free to ask your local comic shop to order a copy for you today!

I’m writing Jubilee!

I’m an Asian American writer who’s been working on Marvel comic books for nineteen years but somehow have never managed to write Jubilee — until now! Please don’t miss MARVEL’S VOICES: X-MEN #1, on sale August 16, that will feature a short Jubilee story written by yours truly!

Check out the gorgeous Bernard Chang cover above and visit the Marvel announcement for more about the full lineup of incredible creators and characters in this anthology book.