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Yes, I’m writing a Silver Surfer book!

By Greg Pak
Just a quick note to confirm that yes, I’m writing a Silver Surfer miniseries, and yes, I’m insanely excited about it. For years, I’ve shamelessly namedropped the Silver Surfer every time someone asked me what Marvel character I’d like to write. He’s one of the most iconic and possibly the most original character in superhero comics, and his heroism and his fierce sacrifice have stuck with me ever since I was a little kid poring over that “Son of Origins” trade paperback.
The book debuts in February and is pencilled by Stephen Segovia with covers by Carlo Pagulayan. If you’re as excited as I am, please contact your local comic book shop and ask them to pre-order your copy of issue #1 today. Pre-ordering is the absolute best way to send a signal to comic book companies that you like their product — print runs and the longevity of titles are based on pre-orders. So visit to find your local store and make the call, friends!
Finally, stay tuned to for more Surfer fun. As we draw nearer to the debut of “Silver Surfer” #1, I’ll periodically post some panels from some of my favorite Surfer stories of all time, just to luxuriate in the awesomeness that is the Silver Sentinel of the Starways!
‘Til then, True Believers.

Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia bring new Silver Surfer series in February

From the official announcement:

The herald of Galactus returns this February in the pages of Silver Surfer, from the electrifying creative team of Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia! The dreaded herald of the world-eater returns to Earth, but what fate does the High Evolutionary hold for the man behind the sentinel of the spaceways?!
“Introducing him as the Silver Savage in “Planet Hulk” was ridiculously fun. Now we’re having a chance to do something even more insane, telling a story utterly grounded in human emotion that embraces the Surfer’s cosmic mythology while shattering all expectations” says writer, Greg Pak. “This is the Surfer you’ve always loved and a Surfer you’ve never seen before. Long-time fans, dontcha dare miss it! New readers, come on in — this is a perfect jumping on point for rediscovering Marvel’s shining, silver star.”
The wielder of the power cosmic has survived many battles, but can anything prepare him for what lies ahead? Find out in February when the game-changing Silver Surfer #1 (of 5) debuts in comic shops everywhere!
Written by GREG PAK
Rated T+…..$2.99

The Silver Surfer returns to Planet Sakaar in “Skaar” #7

Marvel has announced that in January 2009, “Skaar: Son of Hulk” #7 will feature the return of the Silver Surfer to Planet Sakaar.
Two years ago, the Silver Surfer clashed with the Hulk as the Silver Savage in “Incredible Hulk” #95, an appearance that’s spawned two different spin off toys and a Sideshow collectible diorama.
Now “Planet Hulk” and “Skaar: Son of Hulk” writer Greg Pak brings the Silver Savage back for an epic clash. Here’s the solicitation for “Skaar” #7 from Newsarama:

The soothsayers sing: One day, green-hued giants will clash on the broken battlefields of savage Sakaar. One day the son will confront the father who abandoned him to monsters and madmen. But before Skaar can meet the Hulk, he must survive today’s terrible clash. And even with all his rage and strength, what hope can he have against the return of the SILVER SAVAGE? The Silver Surfer returns to Sakaar as a new story-arc begins!

Check out the Ed McGuinness cover to the right, and ask your local retailer to pre-order a copy of “Skaar” #7 for you today!