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Godspeed, Stephane Peru

I’ve just gotten word from Marvel editor Nate Cosby that Stephane Peru, the brilliant colorist of “Incredible Hercules,” has died. Stephane brought deep aesthetic sensitivity and boundless humor to his work, making every email he sent us a joy to receive and every page we gave him simultaneously funnier and more heroic. My deepest condolences to Stephane’s friends and family.
— Greg Pak
UPDATE: Newsarama has posted a story with quotes from a number of Stephane’s colleagues and collaborators.

“Mantlo: A Life in Comics” now available for free download

Bill Mantlo, the storied Marvel Comics writer, was hit by a car and suffered brain trauma in the 1990s. Last year, David Yurkovich published a tribute book to Mantlo, the proceeds of which went towards Mantlo’s care. (The book includes a quote from “World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak about Mantlo’s classic run on “Incredible Hulk.”)
Now “Mantlo: A Life in Comics” is available for free download at — with the revenue from advertisers generated from each download going directly to Mantlo’s care. Read on for the official announcment from Yurkovich — and click here to download the book.

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Well done, Marvel

From the AP:

Lionsgate and Marvel studios have signed interim deals with the striking Writers Guild of America, the union said.
The deals announced Thursday followed separate guild pacts with other independent production companies such as United Artists, The Weinstein Co. and David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants.
The guild said such agreements confirm it is possible for writers to be compensated fairly and for companies to operate profitably.

“Planet Hulk” penciller Pagulayan interviewed for Philippine Daily Inquirer

Kudos to “Planet Hulk” penciller Carlo Pagulayan, who’s featured in a Philippine Daily Inquirer article about Filipino comic book artists. An excerpt:

Art advice:
I’d like to say, aside from “practice,” understand the lines you use and compare different ways of shading, like hatching. If you understand why a particular technique is used, it’s easier to draw. If you choose a style, make sure that you’re comfortable with it, because if you’re just going to copy, you really don’t know how the artists you’re emulating think or approach things.

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PakBuzz Q&A: Producer Karin Chien on “The Motel”

Motel poster
“The Motel” poster

Karin Chien produced Greg Pak’s films “Robot Stories” (with Kim Ima) and “Super Power Blues.” Her latest two films, Michael Kang’s “The Motel” and Chris Chan Lee’s “Undoing,” hit theaters this week. Read on for Pak’s interview with Chien about “The Motel” theatrical release, what a producer does, and just why the heck she’s worked with so many Korean American directors.
Greg Pak: Congrats on all the recent success! Tell us a little about what you’re doing to prepare for “The Motel” opening this coming Wednesday in New York. What can people do to help?
Karin Chien:
Bring as many people as possible to see the film when it opens on June 28 at the Film Forum, and then tell everyone you know how much you love THE MOTEL!!
But, seriously, we are working with Palm Pictures on the marketing campaign, and are also doing a grassroots campaign, which involves spreading the word, via events, posters, parties, merchandise and the internet, throughout the indie film and Asian American communities. If you’re part of an organization or school or a very large family, you can invite us to speak to your group, or screen a trailer, or put up posters, or write us up in your blog. Every little bit of extra exposure helps.

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Interview with AAFilmLab president Matte Chi

Greg Pak was one of the founding members of the Workshop, an Asian American filmmaking group that was recently renamed the AAFilmLab. Yesterday the AAFilmLab announced that the general deadline for signing up for its 72 Hour Film Shootout has been extended until June 8 (receive by date). For more information about the Shootout, read on for Pak’s interview with AAFilmLab President Matte Chi. And don’t forget the 72 Hour Shootout Launch Party in NYC on June 9, where the AAFilmLab will give away film supplies as well as “Robot Stories” posters and DVDs donated by Pak.
GP: Tell us who should enter the 72 Hour Film Shootout and why.
This contest is open especially to any and all filmmakers on the brink – for anyone who’s looking for a reason or excuse (if need be) to make a short film. As a novice myself, I needed something to push me into making a film and the Asian American Film Lab did exactly that. The AAFilmLab gave me a goal to work towards and the support I needed to take the first step. The experience of shooting my first short film was so incredibly fullfilling that I changed my career and decided to devote my time entirely towards creating more work.

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Kip Fulbeck in NYC to talk about “The Hapa Project”

Filmmaker Kip Fulbeck is in New York this week to talk about his new book, Part Asian, 100% Hapa, which features photographs of multiracial people of Asian heritage (including filmmaker Greg Pak and actor Amy Hill) along with their hand-written answers to the question “What are you?”
Fulbeck’s appearances:
Thursday May 18th, 6:30 p.m.
NYU Asian Pacific American Institute
41-51 East 11th Street between University Place & Broadway, 7th floor
Hapa Project Multimedia Presentation & Book Signing
RSVP to (212) 869-4000
Friday May 19th, 6:30 p.m.
Japanese American Association of New York
15 West 44th Street, 11th floor
Film Screenings, Artist Talk, & Book Signing
RSVP to (212) 869-4000
Saturday May 20th, 9 a.m – 12 p.m.
Hapa Project Photo Shoot
Japanese American Association of New York
15 West 44th Street, 11th Floor
RSVP to (212) 869-4000