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Filmmaker and comic book writer Greg Pak spills the beans on his latest projects and interviews his interesting friends and collaborators about their work.

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Comics Written by Greg Pak Los Robos Pakcast

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 009: Artist Tak Miyazawa talks “Los Robos, Arizona”

Check out the latest Pakcast, featuring Tak Miyazawa, the amazing artist of the “Los Robos, Arizona” giant robot story written by Greg Pak for the “SHATTERED” Asian American comics anthology.
Click here to buy the anthology from Amazon.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Doctor Strange Pakcast

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 008 – Artist Emma Rios talks “Doctor Strange Season One”

“Doctor Strange Season One” writer Greg Pak talks with “Doctor Strange Season One” artist Emma Rios — about crushes, magic, and stuff in the air.
The “Doctor Strange Season One” original graphic novel goes on sale September 12. Ask your local retailer to order a copy for you today!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Pakcast X-Treme X-Men

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 006: Meet the X-Treme X-Men!

My new Marvel book “X-Treme X-Men” debuts on July 25. Check out the vid to meet the cast! And then ask your local retailer to pre-order the book for you!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Pakcast

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 005 – Orbital, Doctor Strange, and Some Like It Hot

Find out what the making of “Some Like It Hot” and Greg Pak’s new “Doctor Strange Season One” graphic novel have in common in the latest Pakcast.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Pakcast

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 003: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Greg Pak talk “Captain Marvel” and “X-Treme X-Men”

This July, Marvel Comics will launch two new series featuring amazing female leads. Today, “Captain Marvel” writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and “X-Treme X-Men” writer Greg Pak interview each other about their books and their leading ladies — Carol Danvers and DAZZLER, baby!
EXTRA BONUS: Download the full 40 minute conversation in podcast form RIGHT HERE!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Pakcast Vision Machine

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 002: The Making of the “Vision Machine” iPad app – with Phil LaMarr!

Greg Pak reveals behind-the-scenes footage of the voice recording for the iPad app version of his graphic novel “Vision Machine.” With Phil LaMarr, Cindy Cheung, Angel Desai, Johnny Pruitt, and Nick Fondulis.

Films Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp Pakcast Robot Stories

Greg Pak launches the Pakcast – first episode features Kim Ima, proprietor of the Treats Truck Stop

By Greg Pak
Crazy news: I’ve started a video blog called the Pakcast that will provide periodic updates about my projects — along with interviews with interesting friends or collaborators. First up, “Robot Stories” producer Kim Ima, who just opened the Treats Truck Stop bakery and restaurant in Brooklyn! Check it out and spread it around:

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