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Los Robos

Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak Los Robos

Recommend a title font for “Los Robos”?


Hey, friends. I’m working on a quick cover for the 10 page “Los Robos” story that I’m about to deliver as a digital bonus to “Code Monkey Save World” backers. And I could use your advice regarding a font for the title! See the cover above. And if you have any ideas for an appropriate font, please let me know!


Comics Written by Greg Pak Los Robos Pakcast

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 009: Artist Tak Miyazawa talks “Los Robos, Arizona”

Check out the latest Pakcast, featuring Tak Miyazawa, the amazing artist of the “Los Robos, Arizona” giant robot story written by Greg Pak for the “SHATTERED” Asian American comics anthology.
Click here to buy the anthology from Amazon.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Los Robos

Greg Pak and Tak Miyazawa’s “Los Robos” now on sale in the “SHATTERED” anthology!

Writer Greg Pak and artist Tak Miyazawa have collaborated on a 10 page story about a kid and his giant robot for the “SHATTERED” Asian American comics anthology.
Read a review of the book, which taps “Los Robos” as “possibly [the reviewer’s] most favorite tale in this masterful monochrome compilation.”
And buy the book from Amazon!

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