CITY BOY #1 gets rave reviews!

City Boy #1 cover by Minkyu Jung and Sunny Gho, featuring the titular character standing on the street as the city warps behind him.

Launching a brand new character in a superhero universe can be incredibly hard, so I’m thrilled to report that CITY BOY #1 is getting rave reviews in its first day of release!

CITY BOY is written by yours truly with art by Minkyu Jung, colors by Sunny Gho, letters by Wes Abbott, and editing by Jessica Chen. The book is part of Jessica’s amazing We Are Legends imprint of Asian American stories at DC Comics, and it tells the tale of Cameron Kim, a Korean American kid with the ability to tap into the consciousness of the city he’s in.

Comic Watch writes, “With great characterization, solid heart, and natural connection to the DCU, City Boy #1 is the start of something really great.”

Weird Science says, “Pak’s writing is tight, efficient, and almost melodic in its delivery. Minkyu Jung’s art presents memorable characters, dramatic composition, and gritty action.”

ComicsBeat says, “We get a solid main character, a cool new powers concept, and all the basics done right — we get a great new superhero debut comic.”

Ask your local comic shop to hold a copy of CITY BOY #1 for you today!

And feel free to check out the extensive interview AIPT did with me!