2023-05-23 – MECH CADETS BOOK ONE in stores today!

MECH CADETS BOOK ONE promo image showing a giant robot flying with a kid janitor in his hand. Pull quotes include Scott Snyder saying "Mech Cadet Yu is a fantastic read," Brian Michael Bendis saying "Back this one with confidence," and Marjorie Liu saying "Everyone should be reading Mech Cadet Yu."

In bookstores today: MECH CADETS BOOK ONE, collecting MECH CADET YU #1-12!

Written by Greg Pak with line art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Triona Farrell, Jessica Kholinne, and Raúl Angulo, and letters by Simon Bowland.

The MECH CADETS animated series will debut on Netflix on August 10 – get MECH CADETS BOOK ONE today and find out what all the fuss is about!