ComicMix interviews Greg Pak about Herc, Skaar, Magneto, and War Machine

Matthew Weinberger of ComicMix has interviewed writer Greg Pak about “Incredible Hercules,” “Magneto Testament,” “Skaar: Son of Hulk,” and “War Machine.” Here’s an excerpt with a tease about upcoming events in “Skaar”:

GP: Skaar is about to have the biggest showdown of his life as the Silver Surfer returns to savage Sakaar in Skaar: Son of Hulk #7! Fortunately for Skaar, at the end of issue #6, he finally seized the Old Power of his ancestors, which allows him to channel the massive tectonic forces of the entire planet. Of course, whether that will be enough against the Power Cosmic remains to be seen.
But in addition to titanic physical clashes, the “Return of the Silver Savage” arc will hit Skaar with the biggest emotional trauma of his brief existence. Since his birth in the explosion that killed his mother, Skaar has known nothing but blood and fire. To survive in this brutal, war-torn world, he’s done nothing but fight every day of his life. Now he’ll begin to face the emotional consequences of that kind of existence and make some monumental decisions that will lead to some shocking twists.
CMix: Will the Son of Hulk ever meet the original?
GP: My lips are sealed. Except to say that sometimes good things come to those who wait. And that you might not even have to wait that long. (How’s that for a graceful tease?)

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