ComicsAlliance behind-the-scenes interview with writer Greg Pak about “Vision Machine”

By Greg Pak
I had a total blast doing this “Vision Machine” behind-the-scenes interview with Chris Sims for Check out my true confessions about learning how to talk to colorists, adding an extra page to introduce characters better, and how we almost populated Texas with space aliens — all with exclusive work-in-progress art.
An excerpt:

CA: You also said there were some last-minute changes to the opening sequence.
GP: If you compare the original art for the opening sequence to the opening sequence in the finished comic, you can see we added a page and tweaked the art here and there to introduce our characters better.
CA: It looks like you wanted to spend a little more time with Liz Evers.
GP: Yes, and to get a better introduction of our trio of film grad heroes. RB did glorious work throughout. But as we were nearing completion of issue #1, I realized that my script had crammed things just a bit too tight in the opening pages.
In one of her books, Maxine Hong Kingston talks about the idea that if you stare at anyone’s face in closeup long enough on the silver screen, you’ll eventually fall in love. I think the principle can apply to comics as well. Giving the readers a moment to really absorb a character is pretty key. Particularly when you’ve got three talky, wisecracking characters as your leads. I realized after reading and re-reading the intro that I never gave readers the chance to gaze into our character’s faces and kind of get to know them. We were just off to the races with hijinks and jokes, mostly in medium shot.
Again, all my fault. The original script just didn’t give enough room. So I made the big crazy decision to add a page and have RB redraw some panels.

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