Entire “Vision Machine” graphic novel now online for FREE DOWNLOAD!

It’s January 12 and the entire “Vision Machine” graphic novel, as well as “Vision Machine” #3, the final single issue, are now downloadable for FREE at www.visionmachine.net/download!
Grab it today and see what’s up with the book that Newsarama calls “entertaining and thrilling.”
And here’s an excerpt from the latest rave review from Brandon Schatz at Comics! The Blog:

The story by Pak is absolutely phenomenal, but it would all be for naught if his efforts were combined with an artist that didn’t match his ambition. Thank goodness RB Silva is on board, matching Pak’s crazy brain step for step, showing this world and its various realities in crystal clarity. We here at Comics! The Blog were already quite impressed with his work on the Jimmy Olsen back ups in Action Comics, and his skill here sticks to that same level. Very expressive, kinetic when it needs to be, and just perfectly framed. This guy is going to be absolutely huge one day.

Another rave review from Chris Rohling at GuerillaGeek.com:

Anyone who has any interest in comics, especially creator-owned ventures, needs to download Vision Machine and give it a read. It’s more than just an interesting experiment. It is an in depth look at the future of communication and creativity with a great script and beautiful art. And, it’s free! Download it. Read it. Tell others about it. Vision Machine is something special.