DC interviews Greg Pak about CITY BOY #1

Panel from CITY BOY #1 showing Cameron Kim looking down at the street and seeing into the infrastructure of the city, rendered in glowing blue lines, while saying "I got no idea what you're talking about." Art by Minkyu Jung, colors by Sunny Gho, letters by Wes Abbott.

DC.com interviewed yours truly about CITY BOY #1 — check it out here! Here’s an excerpt:

I’m such a huge fan of heroes with more off-the-wall abilities and powers and I think Cameron definitely fits the bill. Can you give us a rundown of how his city-speaking powers work and what fans should expect from him?

Cameron has the ability to tap into the consciousness of any city he’s in, which gives him access to all the city’s secrets and sometimes even control the infrastructure of the city in spectacular ways. I don’t want to spoil all of the ways Cameron uses his powers, but I can say that he starts small, basically scrounging for little lost treasures to pawn, but things amp up pretty quickly and the stakes will get enormously high. I’ll also note that the cities have their own consciousness and free will, so exactly what Cameron is able to do at any given moment may depend on the nature of his bond with any given city. Lots of room for interesting dynamics!

The interview also teased an appearance by Superman in issue #3 of the series. I’m ridiculously excited about this — I wrote Superman in ACTION COMICS and BATMAN/SUPERMAN for two years and absolutely love the character. It’s been great having the chance to spend time with him again, especially with City Boy in the mix.

Are there other characters you’d like him to team-up with in the future?

One of the biggest on my list is coming up in issue #3: Superman! In terms of powers, I love that Cameron and Clark both have access to more information about what’s going on around them than is probably good for anyone’s mental health—and both have to consider all kinds of moral and ethical questions as a result. At the same time, I love that Clark’s basically lawful good and Cameron is deeply, instinctively chaotic, so their ways of dealing with the world and their responsibilities are very different. That’s all solid gold for storytelling, and I can’t wait till we can share that issue with folks!

So to complete the tease, here’s Minkyu Jung’s gorgeous, uncolored cover for CITY BOY #3, featuring the big blue boy scout himself!

Uncolored cover for CITY BOY #3 by Minkyu Jung featuring Superman descending over City Boy as City Boy tips his hat and disappears into the shadows between the bricks on the ground.

CITY BOY is written by Greg Pak (hey, that’s me!) with interior art by Minkyu Jung, colors by Sunny Gho, letters by Wes Abbott, and editing by Jessica Chen. Ask your local comics shop to hold copies for you today!