Heroes4Haiti auction: Greg Pak sells “Planet Hulk” concept art to benefit Doctors Without Borders

By Greg Pak
Heroes4Haiti is an initiative organized by Mike Cavallaro to encourage comic book creators to sell original art, services, or books via eBay’s charity tools to benefit Haiti relief.
I’m kicking in with original character design concept art that I created during the “Planet Hulk” run. There are two pieces of art being sold together. The featured characters are Miek and his “Native King” daddy and the “Green King” Hulk. These images were published in the collected edition of “Planet Hulk” — here’s your chance to own the originals! All funds received will go to Doctors Without Borders via the eBay charity system.
Click here to check out the listing — and please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!
And please note this is just a five day listing — I’m hoping to get the dollars out the door fast. So don’t hesitate — bid today!
Also, feel free to check out the auctions from other creators at Heroes4Haiti.com.
And absolutely feel free to donate directly to Doctors Without Borders if you’re so inclined by clicking the image below.
Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti