Heroes4Haiti auctions: Signed “Planet Hulk,” “World War Hulk” and “Incredible Hercules” comics

By Greg Pak
I’ve added three more items to the Heroes4Haiti initiative to sell original art, services, or books via eBay’s charity tools to benefit Haiti relief.
Click here to bid on the entire run of “Planet Hulk” in single issues, signed by writer Greg Pak. Auction also includes key extras such as “Amazing Fantasy” v2 #15 (first appearance of Amadeus Cho) and “What If: Planet Hulk.”
Click here to bid on “World War Hulk” #1, signed by writer Greg Pak, penciller John Romita, Jr., and inker Klaus Janson.
Click here to bid on “Incredible Hulk” #112 and “Incredible Hercules” #113-115, the first story arc of the “Incredible Hercules” saga, all signed by writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and artist Khoi Pham.
And click here to check out the previous listing of “Planet Hulk” concept art by yours truly.
All funds received will go to Doctors Without Borders via the eBay charity system.
Check out the auctions from other creators at Heroes4Haiti.com — and absolutely feel free to donate directly to Doctors Without Borders if you’re so inclined by clicking the image below.
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