ITVS announces Futurestates series — and Greg Pak’s “Mister Green”

The Independent Television Service has released preliminary information about the Futurestates series, which includes the short film “Mister Green,” directed by Greg Pak and starring Tim Kang and Betty Gilpin.
From the official press release:

The series, which will be made available online beginning March 2010, will consist of 11 mini-features each 15 minutes in length, created by independent filmmakers exploring diverse visions of what life might look like in an America of the future. Initially, the series will be accessible exclusively online via ITVS’s redesigned website (launching in early 2010) and be available for free—via streaming video—on the new site’s enhanced broadband video player.

ITVS worked with over 20 of today’s best and emerging indie filmmakers to complete the 11 films to make up FUTURESTATES. Contributors include acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani, whose mini-feature entitled PLASTIC BAG is narrated by the legendary Werner Hertzog, Greg Pak ‘s MISTER GREEN and Tze Chun’s SILVER SLING.

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