Pak, Loeb, and Parker talk Hulk at Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources has posted its latest interview with writers Greg Pak, Jeph Loeb, and Jeff Parker about the upcoming “Fall of the Hulks” event. Today’s topic? Leonard Samson! Here’s an excerpt:

Greg Pak: The other funny thing that’s always struck me about Doc Samson is that he kind of projects this image of being a noble psychiatrist who’s going to help people. But what was one of the very first things he did when he first showed up in Hulk comics? He tried to make time with Bruce’s girl! One of the very first things he did was this hilarious splash page where you see Samson taking Betty out on the town and driving around in convertibles and going to shows. Bruce was just kind of kicked to the curb. There’s this little part of Samson where he wants something that the world hasn’t given him. On many different levels, that cracks me up.

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