Marvel announces Greg Pak’s “Magneto: Testament” at Wizard World Philly

During Friday’s Mondo Marvel panel at Wizard World Philly, Marvel announced that writer Greg Pak, artist Carlo Di Giandomenico, and editor Warren Simons are working on “Magneto: Testament,” a five issue miniseries starting in September.
An excerpt from the Newsarama interview with Pak:

NRAMA: What is Magneto’s status as we start this comic? Where is he and where’s his head?
GP: He’s a boy who wants to give a girl a silver chain. And then his entire world explodes.
NRAMA: Ah, so this goes all the way back to his time before the Holocaust? What can you tell us about the story?
GP: Magneto: Testament follows a Jewish boy and his family through Germany and Poland from 1935 to 1945 as they struggle to survive the Nazi rise to power and Hitler’s Final Solution.
NRAMA: So is this all about Magneto’s family? And will we see any other people with a relationship to Magneto?
GP: The book is all about our young hero and his family. His father in particular plays a huge role — as our story begins, he’s a German Jewish veteran of World War I who believes against all evidence that the nation that produced Beethoven and Mendelssohn will come to its senses.
And a young woman named Magda makes an appearance…

Click here to read the whole interview and view preview art.