IGN interviews Paniccia about the future of the Hulk

IGN has posted an extensive interview with “Hulk,” “Hercules,” and “Skaar” editor Mark Paniccia about the Hulk comics franchise. Paniccia talks about his collaboration with writer Greg Pak in great detail and drops a few big teases about what’s coming next. An excerpt:

IGN Comics: We’ve seen smart Hulk, dumb Hulk, savage Hulk… How will Skaar differ from the Hulk? Will he have a different power set? We often see him carrying weapons – does he actually need them or is it just for visual flair?
Paniccia: On a world as dangerous as Sakaar you bet he needs the weapons. He’s not invulnerable. But being half Hulk and half Shadow person gives him a unique physiology that only time will tell what his full potential is.
IGN Comics: Are there plans to bring Skaar to Earth or bring either Hulk back to Sakaar?
Paniccia: It’s not outside the realm of possibility, so stay tuned!
IGN Comics: I wanted to bring things back to Herc and Hulk to close out – what’s coming up for both series? Will the Thor/Hulk confrontation over in Hulk be as epic as we’re hoping?
Paniccia: I don’t want to spoil too much about Herc post-Secret Invasion, but the next arc is called “Love and War” and will feature an Atlantean blonde that Herc swapped air with during the WWH tie-in and a battle with some very cool women warriors. This arc is illustrated by the fantastic Clayton Henry (don’t worry Sandoval/Bonet fans, they’ll be back in the next arc) with amazing covers by Arthur Suydam.

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