Marvel announces “War Machine” ongoing written by Greg Pak

During yesterday’s Mondo Marvel panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that writer Greg Pak will be penning a new series launching in December that stars Jim Rhodes, aka War Machine, the character played by Terrence Howard in the recent “Iron Man” movie. The book will be penciled by Leonardo Manco and edited by Bill Rosemann. has posted an interview with Pak about the new series. Here’s an excerpt:

“I was hooked by Jim Rhodes the first time I ever saw him in the funny books,” the writer confesses. “He wasn’t ever just the other guy in the Iron Man armor; he brought a brand new perspective as a kid who grew up fighting bullies in South Philly and developed a whole new angle on the use of force through his military training.
“For better or for worse, War Machine will go places few other Marvel heroes dare,” Pak adds. “And that makes for explosive, high stakes stories that we’re champing at the bit to tell.”

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