Pak and Rosemann talk “War Machine”

Newsarama and Comic Book Resources have posted new interviews with writer Greg Pak and editor Bill Rosemann about the new “War Machine” comic book series, which debuts in December with pencils by Leonardo Manco.
From the CBR article:

“Remember that awesome scene in the Iron Man movie where Tony rocketed to that small village and took out all the thugs that were threatening the innocent families? That’s the tone we’re aiming for,” Rosemann said. “It’s like when you’re watching the evening news and see a story about Darfur or Chechnya or Myanmar and you want to reach through your TV screen and smack some dictator upside the head. ‘Why isn’t anyone doing something about this?’ you ask. Well, War Machine is! (If only he existed in our world.)”
Pak had always been a fan of James Rhodes, so when Rosemann offered him the new ongoing “War Machine” series the writer eagerly accepted. “This new hook fits right in with his past history while taking him to the next level,” the writer remarked. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it from the minute I heard Bill’s pitch.”

From the Newsarama article:

With the first issue not set to debut until December, the team is loathe to discuss what’s coming up in specifics, but hey, this is comics, and the tease is this industry’s bread and butter. So what will people going to be saying after reading the first issue?
Rosemann: “Hopefully you’ll be talking about how much Greg and Leonardo ‘get’ James Rhodes as a character – and how crazy the twists and turns his life is once again taking. It’s time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Rhodey’s first appearance…with a big blow-out!”
Pak: “Holy Hannah… I can’t believe they actually let them do that!”