More bloggers put “Incredible Hercules” on their Best of 2009 lists


Herc is better than all other superhero comics that came out in 2009, and frankly is about the only thing that gets me into the shop these days. It’s not just hilarious, but a smart integration of myth, archetypal heroic storytelling, and awesomely retarded superhero b***s***. All the epic godly grandeur, improbable science, and fantastic sound effects are grounded by one of the more believable relationships in comics, the friendship of Hercules and Amadeus Cho.


MY FAVORITE ONGOING SERIES (SUPER HERO): Incredible Hercules by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente.
There were a number of ongoing titles I followed this last decade which I would consider great comics (see below), but above them all I’ve chosen Incredible Hercules.

Aptitude Test:

Maybe the most fun superhero book in years. On the surface, a super-goofy adventure book staring Herc and teen sidekick/super-genius Amadeus Cho, full of giant fights and the best sound effects in comics. On closer inspection, it becomes a great exploration on the nature of heroics, and the relationship between superheroes and their older brother, ancient myth.

UPDATE: Add Jeff at Jim Hanley’s Universe to the list!

Folding in intricacies of greek myth, quantum mechanics, asides that do everything from brilliantly extrapolating the mechanisms of the afterlife to the best sound effects in comics (SUKKA-PUNCH!), rip-roaring action set pieces and complex yet accessible stories, this is the smartest comic on the stands while never loosing its goofiness.