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Taimur Dar: Hey Greg, as always great to see the return of this column and your continuing awesome work at Marvel. It’s been almost two years since the launch of “Incredible Herc” and the title is still as good as ever. Really hoping for a Thor/Herc reunion when Hercules comes to Asgard this summer, but any chance of another face off against Ragnarok, the newly returned clone of Thor?
Greg Pak:
He’s wearing some funny togs, but that might just be the Odinson on the cover to “Incredible Hercules” #136… Add it to your pull list, amigos!
TD: Were there ever any plans of Herc meeting California’s Initiative Team The Order especially since they’re ripping off his family names?
Funny you should ask! Way back when we were planning the first story for the book, my co-writer Fred Van Lente and I talked a lot about a showdown with the Order, but the timing didn’t work out and soon we had a big storyline underway that took us in another direction. And as I’ve teased above, we do have an upcoming storyline involving characters stealing other characters names — don’t ya dare miss “Incredible Hercules” #132, #134, and #136 for the “Replacement Thor” storyline.

Jay: Big fan, love your stories. I truly think you’re a breath of fresh air to mythological community with your depictions of Hercules and Ares, and the Marvel Universe in general. However, I’ve noticed a somewhat watered down depiction of godly power levels. Particularly Zeus and the Demogorge, who’ve historically been on a Odin or Galactus’ level. The Demogorge ate Mephisto and the Death Gods, yet he blows up eating a skrull god? Hera seems to have inherited Zeus’ lightning bolt, yet she gets stymied by Iron Patriot? Zeus and Chronos get impaled by spears? Seems a little wonky. Do you simply not see the gods being as powerful as past writers have shown?
Hey, Jay, thanks for the question. I actually addressed this in the last “Pak Talks Comics” — check it out here.
Will Gabriel: During your run on “Incredible Hercules,” you’ve dropped subtle hints that not only Hercules and Amadeus might be connected more than they realize but that Athena knows more about that connection than she cares to speak on. So, my two question are: 1) What is the true nature of the relationship between Herc and Amadeus; and 2) When will this be revealed?
There definitely seems to be something going on there, huh? I can’t say too much for fear of spoiling the stories. But rest assured that Fred Van Lente and I have a master plan. And it is awesome. And all will be revealed over the course of the next year.
Hrungr: 1. Any chance of the Silver Surfer and Galactus appearing in IH in the not too distant future? There was some interesting discussion on another board regarding how the Hulk might take the news of the Surfer’s involvement in Sakaar’s destruction and then learning of his wife surviving (albeit in spirit, sort of) only to wind up as a Happy Meal for Galactus. My gut tells me he’s not the kind o’ guy who takes that sort of news well. 😉 In fact, I seem to recall him expressing some level of displeasure with Miek when he learned of his role in his wife’s death (um, the first time).
Keep your eyes on Paul Jenkins’ “Son of Hulk” book. Some major reveals are coming soon, starting with issue #13 this month.
Hrungr: 2. How do you view the “Green Scar” personality of the Hulk? That is, do you see it [as a] personality unique unto its own or some variation/combination of the personalities we’ve seen in runs prior to “Planet Hulk” (Professor, Grey, Savage)?
At the beginning of “Planet Hulk,” the Hulk was in his so-called “Gravage” personality, combining some of the smarts and attitude of the gray Hulk with the strength and rage of the savage Hulk. As “Planet Hulk” continued, the Hulk went through enough experiences to develop into the Green Scar and finally the Worldbreaker who was finally unleashed in the climactic issue of “World War Hulk.” The Green Scar is essentially the Gravage. But the Worldbreaker is something else altogether — the Hulk at his angriest, strongest, and most dangerous ever. Lord help us all if and when that particular incarnation reappears.
Hrungr: Any chance we’ll see Bruce’s mindscape explored again in your upcoming run?
That depends on how you define “mindscape.” But the short answer is yes.
Hrungr: As I recall, you consulted on the “Planet Hulk” animated feature – have you heard anything on how it’s progressing? Is it still scheduled for Feb. 2010?
Alas, I don’t know anything more than what’s been publicly announced about the release schedule for the DVD. I can say that what I’ve seen makes me incredibly eager to see the finished product.
Taimur Dar: Hey Greg. I remember reading in an old outline for World War Hulk that was posted at Marvel awhile back that Thor was set to appear and face Korg. Obviously plans changed, but any chance of Korg finally confronting his fear of the Thunder God and meet Thor in battle again?
I’d absolutely love to make that moment happen some day. I have a whole storyline in mind for Korg — and Hiroim, actually — that I’m hoping to find a place for eventually. All I can say at the moment is keep on reading!
Incidentally, that early “World War Hulk” outline you mention has been published as an extra in the “World War Hulk” hardcover that came out last month.
TD: As I’ve said before in past columns, really excited for the Planet Hulk animated adaptation, so I gotta ask, how would you feel about a World War Hulk animated sequel?
I’d love it. I was thinking a lot about big summer movies when I was writing “World War Hulk.” And with John Romita Jr’s incredible pencils, it has a big, fat widescreen impact that I think could translate incredibly well to animation.
TD: From Tom Brevoort’s blog post of Brian Bendis’ Secret Invasion original plotline, it looks like Hercules was meant to die. Was this before or after you and Fred Van Lente started working on Incredible Herc and were you aware of this as SI started rolling?
As I recall, Brian wrote that draft before the Herc book was really rolling. When he saw what Fred and I were doing with Herc, Brian was hugely supportive and gave a big thumbs up to our “Secret Invasion” tie in story — in which Herc did not die.
TD: A lot of fans have been wondering about this, so I gotta ask: Daken vs. Skaar, Son of Wolverine vs. Son of Hulk, what are the chances of seeing this matchup in the future?
I’ll just say you might want to ask your retailer to preorder October’s “Incredible Hulk” #603 for you.
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