PULSE interviews Pak and Van Lente about “Incredible Hercules”

Jen Contino has posted an interview at the PULSE with writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about their new “Incredible Hercules” series. An excerpt:

THE PULSE: How is Hercules similar to the Hulk? What makes him appropriate to be the title character here?
FRED VAN LENTE: Hercules has a long history of smashing first and asking questions later, dating well back to mythology, and that sounds just like the Hulk to me. He’s gone into such a mindless rage in myth that he slaughtered his entire family and smashed the entire city of Troy. So you really wouldn’t like either of them when they’re angry… (laughs)
GREG PAK: One of the great things about Hercules and this storyline in particular is that it lets us explore many of themes that make the Hulk so compelling but with a different kind of vibe. Hulk’s the tragic version of the story; Herc lets us play the comic angle a bit more.

Click here to read the full article, which also includes some preview art from the upcoming issue.