Rave reviews for ACTION COMICS #38


Pretty blown away by the response to the Horrorville storyline we’re doing in ACTION COMICS last night. Hugely appreciate everyone who’s been talking it up — and big props to artists Aaron Kuder and Jae Lee, colorists Wil Quintana and June Chung, and letterer Dezi Sienty. A few excerpts:

“Pak and Co have taken Superman, and readers, out of their comfort zone and show the wonderful combination that is Superman and horror. It’s something that’s not been seen that often, and they pull it off with aplomb.” — Daniel Kalban, Word of the Nerd

“Horror needs to be … well … horrific if it is going to work. And this book, from the monsters to the acceptance by the victims, is horrifying. And throwing Superman into this mix, a place he is going to as unsure of himself as normal people gives this a fresh feeling.” — Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

“The latest arc of Action Comics has been one filled with some fairly gruesome horror elements. Superman rarely ever gets to play in the horror genre and for that reason, among others, these issues have been a great deal of fun.” — Mike Logsdon, IGN

“There’s a lot to love about “Action Comics” #38, from the creepy art (Kuder’s tentacle-drawing skills are dynamite) to the nature of the creatures that they’re fighting. If you haven’t checked out Pak and Kuder’s take on Superman, this is as great a time as any to start.” — Greg McElhatton, CBR

Ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you today!