Recommend a title font for “Los Robos”?


Hey, friends. I’m working on a quick cover for the 10 page “Los Robos” story that I’m about to deliver as a digital bonus to “Code Monkey Save World” backers. And I could use your advice regarding a font for the title! See the cover above. And if you have any ideas for an appropriate font, please let me know!


27 thoughts on “Recommend a title font for “Los Robos”?”

  1. My computer comes with a great serif font that would be perfect. I think it’s most famously used in a few newspapers of much renown: Times New Roman. It’s very classy and would go perfectly.

  2. Kozuka Mincho Pro H font looks cool and matches the lines of the art work.
    Just my two cents!

  3. Hey, please don’t use Comic Sans 🙂
    Apart from that, here are some suggestions from me: (be sure to zoom in for full resolution)
    Each font name is written after the text, all fonts should be free to use and easy to find, although license always needs to be checked if you want to use any of these.

    1. ooh, I like Kilogram. There’s something future-retro-spunky about it…

  4. Start with BigNoodleTitling then go from there. See Example…. Well I tried to add the picture but it didnt work.

  5. I see Bank Gothic. The nice squarish ‘O’s will work nicely, especially oif the logo is stacked as LOS atop ROBOS.

  6. ITC Souvenir Demi; squeezed 85%; lc only, set tight, no kiss; 45% word space. Get sick and outline it in “breast-plate blue” if you wish…

  7. I don’t know if this will fit the story or not, but I like that it is “not what you would expect” for something about giant flying robots, but it feels really good with the sound of your title, if that makes sense. Possibly cleaning up the ‘b’ a little bit?

    and then, for a subtle Rocketeer-era vibe:

    But then there is Commander Bold…

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