likes “Incredible Hulk” #111

Graeme McMillan at the Savage Critics nods approvingly at “Incredible Hulk” #111, written by Greg Pak and Jeff Parker and pencilled by Leonard Kirk. An excerpt:

It’s a good sign, too, that the new/old book will be worth checking out, as everything here is pretty Good; Cho’s pretty much been the breakout star of the World War Hulk event for me, and his interplay with the dumb but well-meaning Hercules is entertaining enough for me to want to see more.

With “new/old book,” McMillan’s referring to the fact that with issue #112, “Incredible Hulk” gets turned over to Hercules and Amadeus Cho for a storyline written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente — the book gets officially renamed “Incredible Hercules” starting with issue #113. Click here for the skinny about the new book.
And click here for the full Savage Critics review of #111.