Tons of crazy stuff going on

Hey, y’all. Apologies for the lack of updates in recent months. I’m going to start fixing that today. In brief, it’s been a hugely busy few weeks. Here’s the quick rundown:

I’m writing a STORM book for Marvel! It’s Storm’s first ongoing ever, drawn by Victor Ibañez and edited by Daniel Ketchum, and it’s going to be great. The book launches in July — please call your local comics shop and preorder it today!

The SUPERMAN DOOMED crossover that’s now running through ACTION COMICS, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, and SUPERMAN has been selling out — the first three chapters are getting new printings! I’m writing the ACTION COMICS and BATMAN/SUPERMAN issues that are part of the crossover, as well as co-writing the SUPERMAN DOOMED #1 and #2 bookends. For a reading list of all the books in the crossover, click here.

My new short film HAPPY FUN ROOM, starring the great Cindy Cheung, has gone live at the website! Watch it today! And check out this interview at Renegade Cinema to learn more about the project.

I’m signing this Sunday, June 1, from 5-7 pm at Boston’s Comicopia comic shop! Boston, please come see, come see! Details here.

I’ll be attending the Special Edition New York comic convention at the Javits Center on June 14 and 15. I’ll have a table in Artists Alley and will indeed be selling gorgeous hard copies of the CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD graphic novel. Come see, come see!

More shortly on all of this! Hearts all ’round!