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ABC Disgusting is an alphabet book about disgusting things written by Greg Pak with art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Jessica Kholinne, and letters by Simon Bowland.

Buy the signed book today at the Greg Pak Shop!

Click here to read a massive 18 page preview!

2015.08.14 – 08.16 – Greg Pak at the Connecticut Comiconn!

Comics and children’s book writer Greg Pak will attend the Connecticut Comiconn this Friday through Sunday at the Mohegan Sun! He’ll have a table in Artists’ Alley all three days and he’ll be talking about his work in a panel discussion with Paul Di Filippo on Saturday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Also, if you pre-order Greg’s new Dark Horse series KINGSWAY WEST or his children’s alphabet book ABC DISGUSTING, he’ll give you a free signed comic book!

For more about the convention, visit the official website.

Other awesome Comiconn guests include Pak collaborators Tom Raney (PHANTOM LIMB GHOSTPUNCHER), Ron Garney (SKAAR), and Joe Caramanga (too many Marvel titles to count).

ABC Disgusting now available for pre-order!

If you missed the ABC DISGUSTING children’s alphabet book Kickstarter, have no fear — you can now pre-order the book and many of the other rewards from the Kickstarter via this Backerkit page! Everything’s scheduled to ship in December 2015.

To whet your appetite, here’s a lettered, eight page preview of the book along with a few pages of additional black-and-white art. The artist is Takeshi Miyazawa with colors by Jessica Kholinne and letters by Simon Bowland.







Final 24 hours of the ABC DISGUSTING Kickstarter!

By Greg Pak

Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported ABC DISGUSTING, the alphabet book about disgusting things that I’ve been incessantly plugging for the past month. We’ve now hit the last 24 hours of the campaign, so please do check it out and back it now if you have the inclination!

I’m also thrilled to announce that if we hit $40,000, artist Takeshi Miyazawa and I will create a whole ‘nother digital chapter book and deliver it to ABC DISGUSTING backers as a bonus! The new book is called KAIJU CLUBHOUSE and it tells what happens to the kids from ABC DISGUSTING when they become monster hunters.

Check out this glorious art by Tak and colorist Jessica Kholinne, and please do consider backing ABC DISGUSTING today!


Jane Lui’s gross plans for an ABC DISGUSTING song


By Greg Pak

If you hadn’t heard, the great singer-songwriter Jane Lui will write and record a theme song for the ABC DISGUSTING children’s book I’m working on if the Kickstarter hits $30,000 (so please back it today)! Jane is totally awesome — her original music and her covers range from longing and evocative to joyously goofball and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board. (She even took the banana-ketchup challenge to help get the Kickstarter over $28,000!) Read on for Jane in her own words about her repulsive plans for an ABC DISGUSTING theme song.

GREG: What appealed to you about ABC DISGUSTING and made you say “Yes, I’ll do that!”

JANE: I’ve never had the fortune to be gross and musical at the same time, and since I use a lot of noises in my stuff already, it’s not too far of a stretch, it would be a lot of fun to make, and hopefully hilarious and just the right amount of disgusting to listen to. I am this close to promising a real fart just to push the goal over… shame is for fools!

GREG: Tell us a bit about the ideas you have for the song and any special challenges you foresee.

JANE: 1.) I want to be fun and emulate grossness without actually being gross, shouldn’t be too hard ’cause farts can sound so pretty… if we were dead in the nose.

2.) My voice – I’ll have to watch my vocal use. There was a period in my original stuff that was uber depressing because my voice tells that story really well. In the last couple years though, it’s moved into a quirkier fun place so I’ll have to place it to the goofball corner of my face.

3.) Having the mic ready when I fart.

GREG: What do you see yourself doing differently in making a song specifically for kids?

JANE: I think a lot of my covers fit kids already with the sounds I use (toy pianos, pipes, suitcases, service bells, bike ringers, typewriters, etc). Kids are trusting, weird, & imaginative, so I think they’ll approve a song by someone so immature.

GREG: The kid in the book eats ketchup on cantaloupe and a mayonnaise milkshake — and you just ate  What’s the most disgusting thing you ever ate?

JANE: Super oily fries with frosting. Cereal with coke. wow my face is twisting up just thinking about this.

GREG: And you can add ketchup with banana to the list! Tell us what you’re working on and when people might be able to see or hear you next.

JANE: I’ve begun writing my fourth album! This is exciting and also scary for many reasons. So it includes lots of pacing and baking. I’m also scoring a musical with a couple writers in NY, working on music videos, acting, and more baking. You can find me on YouTube, FB, Insta, twitter, all those. I’ll be playing more next year once my album production finishes. Look me up!

Huge thanks to Jane and to everyone who’s backed the book — please do feel free to back the Kickstarter today! The campaign ends Wednesday, July 29 at 12 noon ET.

Greg, Jessica, Jane and Tak eat bananas with ketchup for the ABC DISGUSTING Kickstarter

UPDATE: ABC Disgusting artist Tak Miyazawa turned in his video — and it is INSANE. See above!

UPDATE: ABC Disgusting colorist Jessica Kholinne and potential theme song creator Jane Lui also took the ketchup banana pledge and have posted their videos! Check ’em out above!

I promised to eat banana with ketchup if the ABC DISGUSTING Kickstarter hit $28,000. Well, you wonderful people pushed it to $28,664 overnight. So here’s my video. It is disgusting. Thank you!

Please do back ABC DISGUSTING today — if we hit $30,000, the great Jane Lui will record an ABC DISGUSTING theme song! And if we hit $40,000, artist Takeshi Miyazawa and I will create a whole ‘nother digital book for backers!

The campaign ends at noon ET on Wednesday, July 29. Check it out!

I promised to eat banana with ketchup if the ABC DISGUSTING Kickstarter hit $28,000. Well, you wonderful people pushed it to $28,664 overnight. So here’s my video. It is disgusting. Thank you!

Please do back ABC DISGUSTING today — if we hit $30,000, the great Jane Lui will record an ABC DISGUSTING theme song! And if we hit $40,000, artist Takeshi Miyazawa and I will create a whole ‘nother digital book for backers!

The campaign ends at noon ET on Wednesday, July 29. Check it out!

Wanna see me eat banana and ketchup?


UPDATE: ABC Disgusting artist Takeshi Miyazawa and potential ABC Disgusting theme song creator Jane Lui are joining me with the ketchup/banana challenge! If we hit $28,000, all three of us will eat some banana dipped in ketchup! Back the project today and make this grossness reality! 

ANOTHER UPDATE: ABC Disgusting colorist Jessica Kholinne has joined the ketchup banana challenge! So Jessica, Jane, Tak and I will ALL eat banana with ketchup if we hit $28K!

By Greg Pak

Because I am ridiculous, if the ABC Disgusting alphabet book Kickstarter hits $28,000, I will embrace the spirit of the book and eat some banana dipped in ketchup. And yes, I’ll post a video of it.

Back it today and make me do it!


2015.07.26 – Comic Book Master Class with Greg Pak in NYC

By Greg Pak

This Sunday afternoon, I’ll be leading a comic book master class at the Museum of Chinese in America as part of the Asian American International Film Festival! It’ll be a blast — I’ll go over all aspects of comic book making and give out free books, Kingsway West posters, and ABC Disgusting stickers. Grab your tickets here: 

Here’s the description:

For over a decade, Greg Pak has been writing acclaimed comic books featuring icons like the Hulk, Batman, Superman, and Storm — as well as creator-owned books and Kickstarter breakout hits like Code Monkey Save World and the Princess Who Saved Herself.
In this in-depth, practical master class, Pak will dive into the nuts and bolts of comic book making, using the 22 year development process of his newest creator-owned comic book as a case study. Topics will include:
  • The creative storytelling challenges and practical business considerations of moving from filmmaking to writing comics.
  • The huge joys of bringing Asian American and other diverse characters to life in comics.
  • The step-by-step work of making a comic book, from concept to story to script to art to publishing, promotion, and audience building.
  • The specific challenges of funding and publishing independent comics in the digital age — both via Kickstarter and traditional publishers.
Also featuring nifty comics-related giveaways and never-before-revealed sneak peeks from Pak’s secret, new creator-owned work!
$12 – Regular
$7 – Student/SR
Free – ACV & MOCA Members
Tickets Available here:

2015.07.25 – Greg Pak at Insta-Con 2015 in Kennett Square, PA!


By Greg Pak

This Saturday, I’ll be a guest at the amazing (and FREE) Insta-Con 2015 at the Kennett Public Library in Kennett Square, PA! The whole con’s ru by middle and high schoolers, who will be moderating the panels. I can’t wait!

The library will have copies of The Princess Who Saved Herself and Code Monkey Save World for sale and I’ll have Kingsway West posters and ABC Disgusting stickers to hand out for free.

Here’s the sked:

10:00 AM – Insta-Con 2015 opens!
10:30 AM – ALL AGES COMICS AND MEDIA. Guests: Greg Pak, Luke Foster. Moderators: Katie & Emma
11:30 AM – SHADOW MANIFESTO: A READING & DISCUSSION Guest: Annie Mok. Moderators: Allison & Wiley
12:30 PM- GETTING STARTED IN WEBCOMICS. Guests: Luke Foster. Moderators: Andrew & Abbie
1:30 PM – THE COMICS PROCESS. Guests: Brooke Allen & Greg Pak. Moderators: Wiley and Katie
2:30 PM – SKYPE Q&A SESSION WITH JOE KELLY. Moderators: Andrew & Emma
3:30 PM (upstairs): KPL MakerCamp Ultra Robot Contest
5:00 PM – Insta-Con 2015 is over!

See you there!

Tak apparently drew a poo cone for “ABC Disgusting.” Yes. A poo cone.


By Greg Pak

So brilliant “ABC Disgusting” artist Takeshi Miyazawa drew an awesome series of images for the super-sized sticker sheet we’re hoping to make for Kickstarter backers of the physical books. And yesterday I took a close look and realized he’d drawn a cute ice cream cone… but it’s not an ice cream cone.

As far as I can tell, it’s a stinky poo cone.

Thank you, Tak. Thanks so much.

If this appeals to you, the “ABC Disgusting” alphabet book Kickstarter is less than $600 from reaching its first stretch goal of super-sizing the stickers that all backers of physical objects will receive! Check it out and back it today so we can make big 6″x9″ sticker sheets with multiple images of gross stuff drawn by Tak! Here’s the full set of pencils he’s done for possible disgusting stickers.