Pak Talks Comics: Giant new Reader Q&A!

Greg Pak’s latest “Pak Talks Comics” column is up at — and it’s chock full of Reader Q&A about Skaar, War Machine, and Magneto — along with a few sneak preview pages from “Incredible Hercules” #126. Here’s an excerpt:

IH: 3) When can we be expecting another Warbound story? I’m not asking anything about the specifics of what’s going on in it if you are writing it but rather when we will get to see them in action again?
GP: Soon! And yes! And thanks for asking!

Taimur Dar: It’s been hinted that Skaar will soon be coming to Earth and meeting his dad. Any chance of him meeting up with the Warbound? Do you still have plans for them in one of the books you write?
GP: Hey, two Warbound questions in one sitting! Yes, we will see the Warbound again. And yes, that will happen in the pages of “Skaar.” As to the rest, keep on reading!

BS: … are you going to explain how Magda survived the liquidation of the Gypsy families at Auschwitz? Fans have speculated that Magneto, in his position as a Sonderkommando, was somehow able to arrange for her to be smuggled into the Jewish women’s camp. But it’s just a theory, and I hope you’ll address it. Thanks for staying true to history, and at the same time writing a truly compelling story.
GP: We absolutely will address this question in the last issue of “Magneto Testament.” Things won’t play out the way you might expect, but everything that happens matches the actual history of the Gypsy Family Camp in Auschwitz.

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