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Greg Pak began his run on “Action Comics” in November 2013 with issue #25. The first collected volume, “Action Comics: What Lies Beneath,” is now available in hardcover. Buy a signed copy from the Greg Pak Shop!

2015.05.29 – 05.31 – Greg Pak at the Fan Expo Dallas!

Hey, Dallas! I’m coming to town! I’ll be a special guest at the Fan Expo Dallas from Friday, May 29 to Sunday, May 31. I’ll have a table in Artists’ Alley, so please come find me there to get your books signed — and to buy signed books!

The con takes place in the Dallas Convention Center. Hours are Friday, 4 pm – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 7 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. I should be there pretty much the entire time until about 4 pm Sunday.

Click here for more info and tickets!

2015.04.03 – 04.05 – Greg Pak’s Wondercon Anaheim schedule!


Hey, California! I’m attending the Wondercon comic book convention this weekend in Anaheim!

I’ll be in Artists’ Alley at table A-28 the whole weekend, right next to my ACTION COMICS collaborator, artist Aaron Kuder (A-27). I’ll sign comics for free, natch. And I’ll be selling CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD and a bunch of my other comics.

If I’m not at the table, I’m probably at one of these events:

Friday, April 3

1:00-2:00 pm – Batman Panel – Room 300DE

Saturday, April 4

2:00-3:00 pm – Spotlight on Greg Pak – Room 209

3:00-4:00 pm – Make Comics Like the Pros – Room 211

4:15-5:00 pm – Greg Pak/Fred Van Lente signing – Exhibit Hall, booth 233

Excited! See you there!

“Action Comics” #40 may be the best reviewed comic book of my career


“Action Comics” #40, written by yours truly with art by Aaron Kuder, is a big, crazy one-shot Bizarro story that we had an insane amount of fun working on. And it’s been ridiculously gratifying to see how well the book’s been received. According to ComicBookRoundup, it’s nabbed seven (!) perfect scores, and is almost certainly the best reviewed book of my comics career.

Just a few excerpts:

“The best part of all this foolishness is Greg Pak’s palpable exuberance, and Aaron Kuder’s astonishing artwork. Everything in this book is a testament to Kuder’s commitment to the comics artform, a soppy valentine dreamily espousing his passion for the craft with every breathless splash page, one after the other. If I enjoy another comic book this year as much as I enjoyed Action Comics #40, I will be happily surprised. Essential reading.” — Jarrod Jones, DoomRocket

“Action Comics #40 is an inspired bit of lunacy and the perfect coda on which to take the two month Convergence break. It will make you laugh, cry tears of joy, and be glad for stories like this. It’s also a good invitation for the upcoming Bizarro series, which I hope will match this comic in side splitting hilarity.” — Daniel Kalban, Word of the Nerd

“And that’s what Action Comics #40 is destined to be, that comic that you just can’t put down. It’s the one you give your kid so that she’ll secretly stay up hours past bedtime with a flashlight under the covers, imagining what it would be like to live in a world where up is down, and the moon really is made of cheese. Pak and Kuder have captured something incredible here, that blends what was so great about this concept in the first place, without losing sight of their own accomplishments with Superman over the past two years.” — Matt Santori-Griffith, Comicosity

I’m hugely grateful for all the kind words, and of course give huge credit to artist Aaron Kuder, who came up with most of the inspired visual gags in the book; colorist Wil Quintana, who delivered a gorgeous palette; and editor Eddie Berganza, who supported us every step of the way and totally got the crazy vibe we were going for.

The whole thing also makes me feel warm and fuzzy about this new golden age of comics I think we’re stepping into. Readers are ready for anything these days, and publishers are coming through with a fantastic variety of books. Keep buying the books you love, folks, and we’ll keep making ’em!

Also, I’d like to plug Heath Corson’s and Gustavo Duarte’s “Bizarro” series that launches in June. If you dig the character and want to see more fun books like this, preorder it today with your local comics shop!

Concept art for the new BIZARRO series coming in June!
Concept art for the new BIZARRO series coming in June!

2015.02.04 – ACTION COMICS #39 in stores today!


“Action Comics” #39, written by yours truly with art by the great Scott Kolins and Aaron Kuder, hits stores today! This is the conclusion to the big “Horrorville” storyline, wherein Superman, Lana, Steel, and Hiro have faced mysterious horrors in the misty cornfields and creepy farmhouses of Smallville. Find out the truth behind the horror — and the origin of the Ultra-Humanite!

Check out a big lettered preview.

Ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you!

Buy it in digital form at Comixology!

Rave reviews for ACTION COMICS #38


Pretty blown away by the response to the Horrorville storyline we’re doing in ACTION COMICS last night. Hugely appreciate everyone who’s been talking it up — and big props to artists Aaron Kuder and Jae Lee, colorists Wil Quintana and June Chung, and letterer Dezi Sienty. A few excerpts:

“Pak and Co have taken Superman, and readers, out of their comfort zone and show the wonderful combination that is Superman and horror. It’s something that’s not been seen that often, and they pull it off with aplomb.” — Daniel Kalban, Word of the Nerd

“Horror needs to be … well … horrific if it is going to work. And this book, from the monsters to the acceptance by the victims, is horrifying. And throwing Superman into this mix, a place he is going to as unsure of himself as normal people gives this a fresh feeling.” — Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

“The latest arc of Action Comics has been one filled with some fairly gruesome horror elements. Superman rarely ever gets to play in the horror genre and for that reason, among others, these issues have been a great deal of fun.” — Mike Logsdon, IGN

“There’s a lot to love about “Action Comics” #38, from the creepy art (Kuder’s tentacle-drawing skills are dynamite) to the nature of the creatures that they’re fighting. If you haven’t checked out Pak and Kuder’s take on Superman, this is as great a time as any to start.” — Greg McElhatton, CBR

Ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you today!

2015.01.07 – “Action Comics” #38 hits stores Wed. – check out the preview!

A page from "Action Comics" #38, art by Aaron Kuder, colors by Wil Quintana.
A page from “Action Comics” #38, art by Aaron Kuder, colors by Wil Quintana.

USA Today’s Brian Truitt interviewed me about the horror story in “Action Comics” #38 — and previewed several lettered, colored pages from the issue, which hits comic stores on Wednesday!

An excerpt from the interview:

It takes a lot to scare someone who’s as powerful as Superman, and Pak feels it’s been his job to do that in his career of working with superheroes. Whether he’s dealing with the Hulk, Storm of the X-Men or the Man of Steel, the key is “to come up with villains or situations that genuinely challenge and disrupt them in unexpected ways. That’s the thrill and the drama, and I love it.

“It’s also great stuff to work with thematically,” he adds. “Finding those things that can get under these superpowered heroes’ skins usually means getting to the emotional heart of the characters, which makes them come to life in the right kind of way.”

Check it out here!

Nice year-end mentions for Greg’s Superman and Storm books

A few websites have posted nice mentions of my Superman and Storm books over the last week — thanks, everyone!

“Action Comics” got Comics Alliance’s tap for “Best Comic with Superman in It” for 2014. Key quote: “Let’s be honest: they ought to call it Satisfaction Comics.”

Buy “Action Comics: What Lies Beneath” now at the Greg Pak Shop!

CBR tapped “Storm” for its Top 100 Comics of 2014 list. Money quote: “Few superheroes inspire awe in thew way that Storm does, and now she has a series that inspires as well.” The Storm book also got some nice mentions in the X-Position year-end column and Inside Joke Theater named it one of the Best New Series of 2014.

Buy “Storm” #1 now at the Greg Pak Shop!

“Batman/Superman: Cross World” made the Top Ten highest circulating graphic novels at the Cape May County Library, right between Bryan Lee O’Malley and Raina Telgemeier!

Buy “Batman/Superman: Crossworld” and “Batman/Superman: Game Over” at the Greg Pak Shop!


2014.12.03 – “Action Comics” #37 hits stores!


“Action Comics” #37 hits stores this Wednesday. Check out the preview at ComicVine!

The issue continues the “Horrorville” storyline we began last month, with Superman investigating creepy goings-on in Smallville. And yes, things get a lot worse for everyone involved.

Gorgeous art by Aaron Kuder, as usual — who goes one step further with a new style for some crucial flashback pages. Colors by Wil Quintana and editing by Eddie Berganza.

Ask your local shop to hold you a copy!